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Jeannie's clients would agree that she's a gifted motivator...

I just wanted to say thank you for the telephone customer service training. This was a great class and I enjoyed it very much! Thank you again for bringing your expertise to our people.
Kay Heiter Executive Assistant
Mark VII
(Colorado Family Support Council Annual Conference 6/6/17) "I wanted to take the time to say ‘THANK YOU’ for the wonderful speech you gave to the Child Support team. Through the years I have attended many work conferences and conferences with world renown speakers. Lisa Bevere has always been my favorite. I would compare Jeannie to being "JUST AS GOOD!" It takes time, passion and dedication to deliver the energy that Jeannie Davis delivers. She has the passion to share what it means to effectively communicate. It takes sending and receiving. Many people can send a message but it takes "YOU" to also receive/listen. Jeannie has taught me what it takes to put a smile in your voice and to remember your attitude is not only seen but also heard. If the words you share with others is not beneficial, then those words shall not be spoken. Words leave history. Create the story you want left behind and to be told about you. Thanks again for what you do!”
Marinda Hernandez
Larimer County Child Support Unit
“This was the first real ‘lesson’ that I’ve received since graduating with my MBA. This experience not only tied together all the experiences that I’ve had in my professional and scholastic career, but it also taught me many new perspectives that I will utilize for many years to come! Thank You!”
Jenny Riley
“Jeannie, thank you so much for presenting a fabulous and fun workshop to our administrative support staff. Everyone found something “worth the price of admission,” and all seem dedicated to putting what they learned into practice. We are well prepared for an excellent school year.”
Cynthia Miller
Executive Assistant to the Sand Creek Zone Superintendent
Colorado Springs School District #49
“I found this program, "Managing Telephone communication for Great Customer Service" to be enlightening, providing excellent suggestions on how to manage your own behavior and attitude while dealing with an unhappy customer. Jeannie Davis certainly hit on some of the mistakes that I've made, but offered realistic suggestions on how I can change my strategic method from one that may have been negative to one that is positive, giving my customers the feeling that I truly do care and will do all that I can to resolve their issues in a courteous, professional, and timely manner.”
Cathy Rodgers
Lorman Education Services
On-Demand Webinar Participant
“I found you and your program to be very beneficial for our teams. The Denver Hospice is the largest, oldest, and most trusted end of life care provider in the region and we are made up of several areas that interact with the public and each other on a frequent basis. A lot of our phone work is comprised of calls from referral sources, patients and their families. Each of these encounters need to be handled with a delicate touch and respect. Hospice is a sacred time for patients and their families and the skills and tools that you present in your program will help us to do even a better job listening and caring for our community.

Thank you for bringing your special touch to our lives. This will make a difference in how we serve. ”
Bruce A. Kemper, RN
Director of Operational Support
The Denver Hospice | Optio Health Services
“Thank you for the great training for phone skills and customer service. Our department really enjoyed the session, your training style kept the learning enjoyable and fun. I still am receiving comments from my employees about how much they learned and what they took away from it. Thanks for sharing some information that will truly make a difference for the team and our members!”
Marge Tracy
Member Services Supervisor
Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
“Jeannie, thank you so much for presenting such a great workshop to our entire practice. From the comments I hear, everyone found something “worth the price of admission”, and all seem committed to working on the skills they learned.”
Karen Mercer
The Youth Clinic
“I have attended a lot of corporate trainings in my day, but your customer service presentation was the most effective and informative. Your presentation goes way beyond customer service.”
Mary Ann Burns
Denver Botanic Gardens
"I have heard nothing but positive comments from my team regarding your training. I see improvement already and have heard several members incorporating your tips into their work. As a Communications Center for student transportation, it’s important that parents know that we care. We learned how to convey that over the phone or in person, by painting a good “picture”. Your class was informative, interactive, and fun. I think we all got far more than “the price of admission”.
Dawn Dezellem
Cherry Creek Schools Transportation
Communications Supervisor
"I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic class you gave to our Customer Service group. You presented many valuable points for our individuals to learn from and utilize in their everyday positions here at Water Pik, Inc. With your wit and knowledge, you made the class very entertaining, and educational. I overheard some of the team members talking about how enjoyable the class was. "
Holly Tewsley
Water Pik, Inc.
Global Trade Services Manager
"I just wanted to thank you for making me look good by doing such a wonderful “refreshing” workshop. My staff and I have been feeling so “Perky” all afternoon and I certainly can tell the tone in everyone’s voice, let alone the smile on our faces as we talk, has improved tremendously today! I think I need a picture of your face so we can all look at it daily to remind us of great customer service!"
Paula Aston
Practice Administrator
South Denver Spine
I just listened to your Telephone Imagery seminar on cd and loved it! You have a wonderful way of explaining things that I personally have said many, many ….MANY times! Jeannie I want to thank you for your insight. Sometimes I get down because it’s so tedious to continuously remind my team of tone, smiling when on the phone, making the customer feel good. Anyway, I appreciated the information and wanted to thank you for your gift.
Jodi O’Mara
Office Coordinator
Done Plumbing & Heating
"I would like to thank you for a great training session. I found your Telephone Imagery class to be very informational and fun. I really enjoyed your teaching technique and I left your class feeling more confident and knowledgeable. You were wonderful, Ms. Jeannie, and I hope to take more classes from you in the future. Once again, thanks for your time and thanks for being such a great teacher!"
Jordan McFall
Strad Energy Services
Poudre River Public Library District
Answer Center Team
Collective Feedback
"This was one of the best workshops I have attended regarding customer service. Jeannie Davis was well informed and kept the entire group engaged throughout the session. It was great to hear her tips and techniques regarding phone service. She really liked the fact that we are going to call our service the Answer Center opposed to Call Center. She addressed everything from attitude to the 3 different learning styles. I think the thing that will stick with me the most is the fact that for some of our customers we will be the organization and we need to be aware of our “personal lobby” and making it a warm and inviting place for all our customers. She showed us how the PICTURE customers form impacts the success and feeling of the phone exchange. P = posture
I = inflection
C = courtesy
T = tone
U = understandability
R = rate
E = extra mile "
Lynda Dickson
Answer Center Supervisor
Poudre River Public Library District
"Thank you for making it possible for the Answer Center team to attend the Telephone Imagery Workshop. The things that were most helpful for me were the illustrations of how so many details can come together to make the difference between amazing customer service and terrible customer service -things like having a smile in our voice, avoiding slurring words together (ex. "wouldya" "lemme" etc.), saying "I am unable" to do something rather than "I can't", etc. Particularly enlightening to me was the section on the three communication styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic). Each of us communicates using primarily one style. The technique when communicating with a customer is to figure out which style they are using and try to match it for the most effective problem solving results. That was something I had never even considered! Thanks."
"I came back from the Telephone Imagery seminar with a whole slew of helpful things. I didn't think that there was that much to be learned about talking on the phone, but the whole thing wasn't so much about phone conversation as it was about providing the best level of customer service possible through effective communication. W all feel that we're effective communicators, whether it is over the phone or face to face, but I learned that we all have a bit of review to do. Just simple reminders like using positive words and phrases, speaking in mutuality, using positive self talk to ensure you're always being cheerful and avoiding "attitudinal leakage" were worth the price of admission. However the bit that I walked away with that made me the most excited was about individual communication styles, and how to effectively identify and match them up with the communication style of patrons in order to be as efficient and friendly as possible. I'm already practicing it on my friends and family!"
"Talk about Roving for Telephones! Yup you would have never guessed it to possible. Jeannie Davis was awesome. I learned throughout the class of some maybe not so good phone etiquette that we all do automatically without even knowing it. I would have to say over all the main topic of the class would have to be “Can your Smile be heard?” Jeannie would say do you have some “Attitudinal Leakage” coming through? Inflection is the salt and pepper of your words. I’ve learned that beyond the common knowledge of basic customer service, we must learn to Identify and speak the customer’s language. You need to be prepared, look good and feel good. All of these can affect the way we present not only ourselves but our organization. I must say that I was really impressed with the information that was presented and would definitely recommend this class to anyone that deal with customers over the phone. "
"Jeannie does a wonderful job of engaging and connecting with her audience. She provides many customer service techniques that can be easily and immediately implemented in the work place, and that are very effective in improving customer relations. She is a pleasure to work with and I will definitely use her services for future customer service training needs."
Kelle Boumansour
City of Boulder - Community Planning and Sustainability - Local Environmental Action Division
"Your training was terrific! You have a great way of presenting the information and you kept me intrigued the whole time. I can't tell you how many of your techniques I’ve used and how they have helped me."
Chris Adams
Customer Support
Girl Scouts of Colorado
"Jeannie is one of the most effective trainers I've had the pleasure of working with. Her ability to engage her audience is superior, and the results are immediate. She is an expert in helping an organization improve customer service!"
Mitch Thomas
Vice President, Iowa Online Center
Ashford University
“Your presentation made a clear and convincing case for the power of creating a positive company image via the telephone. Our members will never answer the phone again without remembering your advice on how facial expression, posture/body language, inflection, vocal tone, diction, and courtesy can make or break every customer interaction.”
Rosemarie Seeman
Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado
“Ms. Davis delivers an exceptional program that sends the message of workplace professionalism at all levels. Her approach has proved to be a valuable factor in improving the quality of our business communications”

Sandra a. Grotewohl, MA, Ed.
Education and Development Specialist
Regional Transportation District

“Thanks so much for your upbeat presentation! It was a great start to my day, and I know I will use as much as I can remember in my daily life. So much of what you said applies to interaction with people outside of work, too! Yours was the best, most informative, and mind-changing presentation I have seen through MSI. Thanks so much for helping us. I wish I could have heard you speak years ago – it would have saved me a lot of grief!”
Jennifer Welteropth
“I took Jeannie Davis' program called Telephone Imagery: How Does Your Customer See You at the National Association of Realtors convention in New Orleans. I found the information to be very relevant and Ms. Davis' teaching style to be dynamic and easy to understand. I attended nine conference programs during the convention and this was my favorite! I highly recommend this program and Ms. Davis to any individual or organization seeking to improve their telephone skills and customer service.”
Sarah Johnson
Johnson Home and Land
"I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the presentation last week. Your style and technique made for a lively and engaging seminar. I had 15 team members in attendance and every one walked away with an appreciation and better understanding of how important telephone customer service is. I was personally energized to stay on top of this and make it a part of our every day effort."
Erik Knutsen
Director for Technology
The Christian & Missionary Alliance

"The comments from your seminar were outstanding and I know that many have already incorporated some of what they learned, I have too! You were such a delight to work with and you interacted so well with our team. As I said to you, I’m thankful to see people like you using the talents that God has blessed them with. Jeannie thanks for blessing our staff."
Bill Colon
Vice President
The Christian & Missionary Alliance

"Your overall average from the three workshops presented during The PPAI Expo in Las Vegas is 94%, which is excellent! We’re excited you’re coming back!”
Jeff Hurt
Manager of Education and Certification
Promotional Products Association International
"Thank you for your very successful participation in CNGA’s recent seminars on customer service skills. I was very pleased with your presentation style. I found you engaging, accessible, very knowledgeable and professional. You used real-world examples to help the attendees understand and be able to apply the skills you presented. The attendees’ employers were pleased with the consistent high scores on the statement “This seminar will make me a more valuable employee.”
Mary LaLone
Communications and Education Manager
Colorado Nursery & Greenhouse Association
"We are very pleased to have included Ms. Davis on our Conference schedule. Our experience of working with her was very positive. She asked us questions to become more familiar with our member expectations and provided the materials we requested in a timely manner. Our positive attendee comments are a testament to the value she presented them.”
Rosalyn Kriener
Conference Program Manager
National Association of REALTORS
"Thank you for an excellent presentation at our Annual Meeting. Your message was well delivered and right on the money!”
Dean Pisciotta
Vice President, CFO
Brakes Plus Corporate
"Thank you so much for finding and arranging today’s speaker. I have gone to so many seminars on motivation, self help, retaining the customer and so on, and left saying “ok”. I feel what was learned today I will keep forever. I cannot wait for Jeannie to come back for another session.

Thank you again."
Jeffrey Buna
Sales Manager
"I sincerely thank you for one of the most inspirational days I’ve had in my 21-year career working for the public through County government. Your charisma, enthusiasm for your subject matter, and fabulous sense of humor shines as you instruct. I smile just thinking of your presentation!"
Liz Hook
Customer Service Division
El Paso County Development Services Department
"Mountain States Employers Council has offered Jeannie Davis's Telephone Imagery seminar to our members for many years. We are pleased with her high level of professionalism and our participants rave about the quality of her presentations. Jeannie is a joy to work with! "
Harriet Chaney
Mountain States Employers Council
"I thought Jeannie’s presentation was great! Every once in a while, we all need to be reminded that the way we present ourselves, be it linguistically or from an appearance standpoint, is paramount to our success—both professionally and personally. Thanks!"
Matt McLaughlin
Membership Sales Manager
Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau
"Jeannie came highly recommended and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy she made our half-day training seminar work. She was very efficient in returning calls, emails, paperwork and answering my questions. The day of the event, she was early, well prepared and very easy to work with. We had a large crowd and she easily kept them engaged in the learning experience with humorous stories, examples and lots of good information. After tallying the feedback results, I am happy to say everyone felt empowered, enlightened and ready to go back to work and make a difference. It was a great experience for the Bureau, the attendees and me."
Andrea G. Stauffer
Director of Marketing
Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado
"Everyone enjoyed the “Five Values That Drive Customer Service Excellence.” Several members (and guests) commented, “I felt it was one of our best programs.” They were able to take your ideas and implement them into their own businesses. "
Sue Simmons
Program Chairperson
National Association of Women Business Owners
“Your presentation was impactful and well done. Your manner of making everyday, practical application was enjoyable. Your have ‘it,’ thanks for sharing!”
Jim Janco
Vice President
Montgomery Homes, LLC
S.M.C. Vice Chairman
"Jeannie Davis delivered her keynote address to a diverse audience filled with vice presidents, leaders, business partners, managers and, of course, the nominees for our prestigious award with more than 100 people in attendance. Mrs. Davis’ presentation was absolutely outstanding because everyone in the room could relate to “The Road Signs of Life.” Jeannie’s communication style was easy to listen to and engaging. She captured everyone’s attention as demonstrated by the shouts of “That’s me!”… “I do that all the time”… “I can apply that principle in the workplace”… “That’s interesting”…and much more."
T. Ann Bailey
Principal Human Resources Generalist
Raytheon Systems
"Your program goes far beyond basic telephone skills; it reinforces the importance of clear communication in all aspects of life.” Your workshop helped our team members understand and feel from the customer perspective.”
Janice L. Campbell
Sr. Vice President
Wells Fargo Banks, N.A.
"100% of the participants rated Ms. Davis’ program as Excellent or Very Good! They were impressed with both her knowledge and her presentation style!"
Cindy Bennett
Women In Cable and Telecommunications
"Your seminars were well attended and the evaluations reflected speaker ratings of 4.88 and 4.89 out of a possible 5. Your programs were also rated at the top in the “useful to business,” “handouts,” and “overall rating” areas. Some of the comments written on the evaluations included: “Great job,” “Fantastic! Really understands her info!” “Very Good,” “Great points for us to remember,” “Excellent topic – very good presentation,” and “She’s intelligent and knowledgeable!” The evaluations speak for themselves – you’re a hit in Indiana!"
Cindy Bussell
Acting Chief Operating Officer
Indiana Builders Association
"Your training has helped us improve our member retention rates.”
Deborah Dale Brackney
Mountain States Employers Council, Inc.
"I now feel more comfortable on the phone. I'm better able to respond to customer needs."
Jason E. Taylor
Northern Telecom
"To say I was pleased is an understatement. One of our best seminars. Feedback from our sales staff was very positive."
Kamal P. Eways, President & Publisher
Evergreen Newspapers, Inc.
"Your enthusiasm and knowledge were contagious and your method of instruction invigorating."
Mary Louise Lehnhoff, Service Center Manager
Medical Group Management Association
"Your ability to address the basic concerns that our people deal with on a daily basis makes your workshops an important contribution to any public agency's training program."
Mary J. Follenweider, Chief Building Official
City of Boulder
"I highly recommend Now Hear This, Inc. to any school district or business which places a high priority on serving their clients and improving the personal skills of each member of the staff."
Bob Ottewill, Commissioner
Colorado High School Activities Association
"The purpose of our annual meeting is to provoke thought and to equip our people with new skills to use in their daily business. Your session accomplished both!"
Robert K. Dalton, Vice Chairman
George K. Baum & Company
"Retailers attending your seminar were focused and challenged to create a positive image to their customers, making them glad that they called."
Marcie Hervey, Executive Director
Western-English Retailer's Association
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