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Basic Program Menu

Building Your Company's Image
Attitude: Now You Hear It; Now You Don't
 Own Every Customer Interaction
 Look Good to Yourself!
 Develop a "can do" attitude!

Skills for Professional Customer Interaction

Telephone Etiquette: Back To Basics
 Greetings     Voice Mail     Messages
 Screening     Complaints     Holding
 Transfers     Probing     Signing Off

Painting A Positive Self Portrait
The Customer's Mental PICTURE of You
Rate of speech
Extra mile

Making the Right Connection
Communication Styles: Speaking Your Customer's Language
 Auditory preferences
 Visual preferences
 Kinesthetic preferences

Now Hear This! Effective Listening Skills
 Keys to Active Listening
 Barriers to Listening
 Testing Your Listening Skills

These menus can be customized to meet your specific business need.

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mail message sound?

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