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Telephone Imagery:
Building Your Communication Toolbox

Customer Service Training Programs That Boost Your Bottom Line

Every company, including yours, looks for ways to improve bottom-line profits. And establishing better telephone communication is one of the most critical places to start. Why? Because nearly 95% of all business communication occurs on the telephone.

Did you realize that every member of your organization works in sales? The impression each person makes is an advertisement for your organization—positive or negative. That adds up to hundreds or thousands of advertisements a day. Do you want to risk having these "ads" turn your customers away? It may be happening now.

Now Hear This Program Manual
Participant Workbook
Don't take that chance. Set a higher standard of professional excellence and improve every telephone interaction that takes place with your valued customers.

Our Telephone Imagery training programs take you to that higher standard. Participants—and that should be everyone in your organization—will learn effective communication skills that can be used immediately. Each person takes away new skills and a stronger awareness of how telephone communication can enhance your company image... and boost your profits.

Specific Program Benefits

Program participants will be able to:
    Improve rapport-building skills.
    Go the extra mile for customers.
    Identify various communication styles.
    Implement 14 powerful keys to active listening.
    Improve the productivity of each conversation.
    Identify eight common barriers to effective listening.
    Handle incoming and outgoing calls more efficiently.
    Experience the role of attitude and powerful thoughts.
    Learn techniques that create a positive, memorable image.
    Recognize when and why attitude impacts customer service.
    Strengthen your company's total customer service and marketing effort.
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Phone Tip:
Practice active
listening skills.

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