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"Thank you for an excellent presentation at our Annual Meeting. Your message was well delivered and right on the money!"
Dean Pisciotta, Vice President, CFO
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Did you know that you are limited to about 40 percent of your ability to get a message across on the telephone? Your customers don’t have the benefit of a nice firm handshake; they can’t see a smile or how well you’re dressed; no body language to read; no facial expressions for cues. You only have your audible senses at work. As a result, the telephone skills of every employee are critical. To read a description of any of these programs, just click on the name!


Most of us draw mental portraits of our customers or prospects on the telephone, often establishing long-term working relationships without having met them. Indeed, we're quick to visualize the person on the other end of the telephone without realizing that same person is drawing a mental portrait of us, too. How does the person on the other end of the line perceive you? Do you project professionalism? How well do you demonstrate characteristics that create a positive image your customers will remember with pleasure? Have you thought about your physical posture, voice inflection, courtesy, vocal tone, rate of speech—and are you understandable? Do you give the impression you'll go the extra mile for customers?

A great program to discuss characteristics that enable you to paint a self-portrait of professionalism for your customers on the telephone.

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Customers will form a judgment about your company based on contact with a single individual. If your people don't demonstrate good telephone etiquette, they leave a negative impression that can be difficult to overcome. This program presents a humorous look at fundamental skills necessary to reinforce telephone etiquette basics. Jeannie shares some hilarious stories from her experiences on the telephone and the mental portraits of service providers she's collecting for her photo album. Behind each story are lessons, tips and techniques to help increase your awareness of how behavior and attitude affect your bottom line.

A fun-filled presentation that uses character portrayals to create a greater awareness of telephone etiquette basics for everyone in your organization.

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Everyone in an organization is a salesperson and the impression, positive or negative, each person makes is an advertisement for the company. This can add up to hundreds or thousands of advertisements delivered each day.

Have you ever taken a negative attitude to work? If the workday progresses without a hitch, chances are your attitude will improve. But, if your day is riddled with irate callers, tight deadlines, too many meetings, conflict or delays, it’s likely you’ll have a worse attitude than the one you had. Everyone experiences bad days—times when you’re not at your best. It’s easy to forget how productivity and customer relationships suffer because of a negative attitude.

An excellent program to motivate your employees and reinforce your corporate mission statement! Your people learn the value of building customer loyalty by putting a smile in their voice, looking good to themselves and demonstrating a “can-do” attitude.

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Ever thought about the dichotomy of the customer and the service provider—especially over the telephone? Unless we consistently work toward improving managerial effectiveness and strengthening customer relationships—internal and external—we may be treating some customers the same way we don’t like being treated. When we are ethical in customer relationships, promote EQ in the workplace, demonstrate a willingness to go the extra mile and are consistent in service quality and delivery, we boost employee morale increase customer loyalty and enhance overall customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that customer service excellence is measured through the customer’s perception—not yours.

Jeannie shares some thought provoking insights and practical strategies to incorporate into current business practices that will promote ownership of every customer interaction on the telephone.

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Building Your Company Image and Making the Right Connection

Your attitude impacts the level of customer service you provide. It even impacts your ability to successfully sell your product or service. It's imperative you treat customers with respect and give them more than they expect. Make their experience of dealing with you and your company as pleasant as possible. Building a rapport with your customers takes more than just being friendly, courteous and kind. It involves meeting others at their model of the world and matching communication output to the way the other person naturally inputs information. Enhance your ability to communicate effectively by understanding auditory, visual and kinesthetic communication preferences.

Jeannie will share some thought-provoking insights about positive attitudes and preferred communication styles that can help your organization build its company image and make the right connection during every telephone customer interaction.

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