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Now Hear This, Inc. is a Colorado-based communications training company specializing in onsite customer service workshops, seminars and keynote presentations. Established in 1995, the company’s interactive, thought-provoking, programs are beneficial to organizations throughout the country. Participants learn how attitude, imagery, telephone etiquette, communication styles and listening skills can enhance corporate image, increase customer satisfaction, promote long-term loyalty and impact your bottom line.

Jeannie Davis, president, is a 25-year public relations and communications specialist and worked for 15 years in the telecommunications industry where she held various managerial positions and conducted training programs throughout a 14-state region. An award-winning author, she is a respected national authority on communication for great customer service.

News Items:

Jezebel Magazine
Mastering The Lost Art Of Actually Talking On The Phone

Anna North — Look, we all know the phone is scary. But sometimes you can't avoid it. Herewith, a few tips for making calls without sounding like a weirdo. (Read more…)

Stitches Magazine
Davis interviewed as subject matter expert by renowned writer, Christopher Hosford, to discuss "Nine key areas for customer service success." Read it here.

Colorado Springs Gazette

Features an interview with Jeannie on the subject of current trends toward automated phone service. Let us know your thoughts about this subject. Your comments and/or feedback are certainly welcome. Just email jeannie at

GOOD RECEPTION: Some firms bucking trend toward automated service

Colorado Green Magazine
Published for the Green Industry by the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, Inc., features two articles written by Jeannie Davis on the subject of telephone skills and customer service.

Post-News Jobs Weekly

Jeannie Davis cited as telephone communication expert in Jobs Weekly news article entitled, Telemarketers Hear 'Busy' Signal. This weekly publication is a valued resource for job seekers throughout the Denver metro area. Check out the great information in the sidebar, reprinted with permission, below:

Smile On The Phone
(Not published in online story)

Sometimes, all you know is what you hear on the telephone. Here is advice from Aurora author Jeannie Davis from her books, Beyond "Hello" and Real World Customer Service Strategies That Work.
  • Look good to yourself. Self-esteem, or what you think about yourself, is the driving force behind your attitude. Looking good to yourself means more than feeling good inside. It also means looking good on the outside, which lets others know how well you view yourself.
  • Develop a can-do attitude. When you transmit a positive can-do attitude, people are naturally more responsive. Productivity and customer relationships suffer when our attitude isn't on straight. Anyone can provide good customer service. The challenge always is to strive for customer service excellence by going the extra mile.
  • Practice positive thinking. Eighty percent of what we say to ourselves is negative. Sometimes you need to assess your initial reaction, work through negative circumstances and take it upon yourself to turn things around. Make a habit of replacing negative helpless thoughts with positive powerful ones.
  • Use positive language. People understand and respond one-third more quickly to positive words than negative ones. Notice how you respond differently when specific comments or requests are phrased in a more positive manner.

-- Doug McPherson

Denver Rocky Mountain News
Jeannie Davis cited as telephone communications expert in Business Careers article.

Networking Key to Finding Job
(Reprinted with permission)

Jeannie Davis, president of Now Hear This, a Colorado-based company that teaches people how to best present themselves on the phone, says telephone conversations limit communication about 60%. “If the interview is via phone, it’s a good idea to brush up on your voice skills,” Davis says.

“All you have going for you is your attitude and the tone of your voice.” A key is to smile while speaking. “People hear you smile on the phone—it lifts your voice,” Davis says. Another key is to be organized. “If you’re nervous or don’t think well on your feet, make notes with bulleted items you don’t want to forget.” Above all, give yourself a pep talk. “Apprehension comes across in your voice, but so does self-confidence,” says Davis.

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